The purpose of this letter is to commend your company for hiring PCI Restoration Services to help your policy holders in their time of need.

I had, as you know, foundation and pipe leaks in my home in February of this year. We were beside ourselves because no plumbers, and I mean experienced plumbers, could not figure out where the problem was or how to fix it. We had no heat, no water and a blizzard on the way!

After calling Liberty Mutual we were very quickly contacted by Ken Wilson from PCI, who was very efficient and caring, and said he had a plumber who would be able to fmd the problem. We said fine, not really believing him, after having two other plumbers in our home, that this one would be able to figure it out. Well along came George Cavanagh and in a very short time, figured out the problem and he was back in a day (after giving us heat & limited water) and he and his great crew started their work. They were neat, polite, knew what they were doing and very sympathetic to our problems. They gave us the option of re-routing the pipes in the ceilings instead of destroying a lot of flooring looking for yet a second leak. After checking with both my husband and I, he went ahead & did the re-routing job. They took care not to ruin anything or break up my new ceramic floor, and tried to keep the dust down to a minimum. They fixed the problem, checked back numerous times and were there in a minute if we had any other problems. Fantastic, professional, knowledgeable workers and really nice people.

Monique Caputo, the very competent Loss specialist, was at our home in a flash to check on everything and give us an advance on our claim so we could get the carpeting taken care of as soon as we wanted to. Lovely lady.

Then the construction people came Bill Immel, and his crew (Billy Sexton & Kevin Rivers) to repair the extensive damage in the ceilings, walls etc. Once again, great workers, fast, neat and very accommodating. They did a beautiful job and you would never know that there was any damage in my home after they were done.

I can’t say enough about ALL these workers. Kudos to them, they all deserve a bonus!!!!!!!


I highly recommend Liberty Mutual to anyone who needs homeowners insurance!!

Sincerely yours,

Mr & Mrs. William – Coram

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